CV Writing Tips That Professional Writers Use

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Don’t forget to write for the bots

Which is to say use keywords in your CV — these are core skills and competencies that you are then able to back-up with experience. Spread these keywords out evenly in your CV, mention them a couple of times throughout (remember the software looks for key-word density as well in order to assess your compatibility with the job requirements)

Don’t forget to write for the humans too

After the ATS software has done its job (remember at this point you are just a name on a list), the remaining CV’s (yours too, fingers crossed) end up on the Hiring Manager’s desk — probably on a computer, but let’s say desk as this compels a stronger visual image.

Design-wise, make sure your CV is visually compelling

It should look polished — for lack of a better word, and has to say “high potential” and “I’m the man/woman for the job”. Remember that your CV is a powerful personal marketing tool.

Copy-wise, talk about what you can do instead of what you have done

Give the Hiring Manager reasons to keep reading

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Final Words of Wisdom

Having spent a lot of time writing the perfect CV, you may fail to spot awkward-sounding phrases, grammar mistakes, or inadvertencies that might cost you greatly.



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